The Shivanian Tribe

    These fearsome green (and mostly its analogous colors) lizardmen tribe are the righteous saurian people originating at the western part of Lizardland. About their personal attitude, they are obedient, merciful and industrious because they want peace and conservative. They predominately live in moist, thick jungles and swamplands, as of natural selection, and some live on grasslands and tundra zone. They all have four fingers, three claws, long tail. The males have yellow eyes, muscular body, genital slit (similar to all lizards) and longer tail, but females have bluish-grey eyes, less muscular body and shorter tail. They are naturally carnivorous, not as much as the several omnivores. 
    The name "Shivanian" was named by the first king of the native tribe, King Kazruk, about three thousand years ago. Most of the modern lizardmen couldn't know why it was named, but some believe that it was named after the god's name, "Shib'hanya". This god was no longer to be worshipped because it gives bad luck and forgetfulness, according to the mythologists and priests, but they should remain their tribal name in the existence. Until then, they have new religion and a new god, "Shivania", the god of sanctified scales. Their traditional customs are spectacular to them. Males wear brown-skinned loincloth and females wear tailored robe, but the rich people suit silky fashion, metallic vest and jewelries. In every house, they usually follow right table manners whenever they are in the formal parties, dinners and outside picnics. All of the Shivanians obey the saurian rights to avoid alternative violence and political disasters. One fourth of population learns old kind of magic and thaumaturgy. Wise mages, druids and sorcerers produce their new kind of elemental, spiritual and physical magic in which they improve the alchemy and wizardry. In the combination of metalwork and alchemy, they combine medieval weapons using ancient runes, enthralled gemstones and special elixirs. However, new technology occurs when someone invent sharpening machines, high-temperature furnaces, fertilizers, sugary candies, cannons, gunpowder, bombs, fireworks, salt and kerosene. These were discovered by explorers, archaeologists, alchemists and scholars. In warm, comfy home the lizardmen have their rights to remain in the house to guard the hatchlings and eggs. Males must protect their children in their houses more than females because of their strength which are capable for a tougher safeguard. Some females work in their duty, but some males chronologically train their children hard either in their homes or schools. Sophistications are readily informed with relevant teachings from wise scholars and wizards for the children. In the time of war against the Ta'za Tribe, children must be eight years above to be trained with arms legally as Shivanian laws were consented.
    In Shivanian Territory, there are many towns and villages built randomly in the jungles, but, on blissful grasslands, they establish their homes along Ja'sek route which connects two different capital cities-the Shivanian Tribe and the Ka'thnosian Tribe. Most of the lizardmen build their houses using hay, wood, twigs and bushes whether on trees beside the swamp fields or on bogs. On grasslands, they construct farms to produce corn, rice, oats, edible fruits, fresh vegetables and livestock such as pigs, cows, sheep, goats and poultry. Natural-born animals on the Shivanian Tribe were largely reptiles, but there are some animals like mammals, birds, amphibians, fishes and invertebrates are generally resembled to our planet Earth. On the other hand, this territory has a secondary reptilian race, the successful dinosaurs, plesiosaurs and pterosaurs. Therefore, reptiles are predominated on the entire land more than other animal classifications. Most of the families tame raptors such as velociraptors, deinonychuses and superslashers.
    These Shivanian maniraptors are less intelligent than Shivanians. Like domestic dogs, they are trained by Shivanian teachers and other wise raptors for which they can possibly hunt with extreme movements. They are able to communicate each other using their language, called the "raptor language." This language is incomprehensible to mere lizardmen, but only few of them who studies raptor language for few years. To call distant pack of raptors or a single one, a raptor suddenly hollers so loud in which the receiver can hear with sensitive ears. These extreme dinosaurs serve the Shivanian Tribe and obey its owners. They used for harvesting, carting and serving in daily lives, and, generally, for great battles. The greatest and wisest known raptor was Zacquaris, Skaro's deinonychus.
    The favorable name of the capital of the Shivanian Territory is Xan'orthras, named by King Taskhr, before the hatch of Corus. Xan'orthras has three separate cities: Lower City is a poorest part of the capital city, containing huts and dens built on treetops, branches and grounds; Middle City is a marketplace and a bazaar where saurian people are selling their merchandise, harvested crops and the yields, souvenirs, clayware, furnitures and metalware; and Upper City is a richest place in the capital city, following the Shivanian Fortress on top of the hill, where tall, roofless structures are built in concrete, sandstone and granite, and it has luxurious specifications on every house.
    Because of the ravage of Ta'za Tribe to overwhelm their society and tradition, the Shivanian people are working deeply and critically for their kingdom and existence. The production of weapons, armors, food supplement, raptors and other commodities are increasing due to the invasion. 

    Different kinds of lizardmen are the close ancestors of existing quadruped lizards which are:
        Green Iguana, Agamid Lizard, Frilled Lizard, Basilisk Lizard, Anole, Water Dragon and Monitor Lizard 

The Ka'thnosian Tribe

    Similar to the Shivanian Tribe, they are good and gentle but serious gold-scaled lizardmen. In their natural selection and environment, they mostly live on semi-arid deserts, temperate jungles and forests. They also have four fingers but four toes, short tail and few spiky scales. They all wear woven loincloth with its colors (red, orange, yellow, gold and golden brown) stitched in exquisite patterns and stripes. Obviously, they follow their favorable customs and respective traditions while they are trading with neighboring Shivanian Tribe. Nevertheless, their customs are native-like because they use their hands to eat instead of using their fork, heal wounded ones with medicals herbs pounded and mixed with other herbs, leave their children what they wish to have recreation, and other barbarous moments. Moreover, the Shivanian Tribe has shared their significant magic and wizardry to them for they required intensively charmed weapons and the elements. In their belief, they worship the sacred idols (one of them commonly identified "Ka'thnos" which tribal name is given and which symbolizes "savior") which they require intelligence, satisfaction, accomplishment and luck.
    The Ka'thnosian Tribe is working together with Shivanian Tribe to support their inheritance and existence and to deflect the invading Ta'za armies of the east. They share medieval weapons such as swords, spears, axes, daggers, bow and arrows, scimitars, wands and staffs
    Their dinosaurs are spinosauruses, similar maniraptors, triceratops and struthiomimuses. They also raise wyverns which originate from southern world that separates Lizardland. These intelligent, benevolent wyverns serve the Ka'thnosian Tribe after they emigrate from their desolated lands. They are taught by Ka'thnosian wyvernriders and wiser ones in the way of which dragons of Dragonia motivate unremarkably.      Their capital city named "Dzarhum" where it is only one large city. Its structures are made of strong wood but less concrete and metal. In every house they decorate their windows with seashell hangings and silkily transparent curtains, plant flowers outside the porch, add cages to prevent their hatchlings from departing their homes, use fireplaces as cooking area, and clean their yards. These houses are the same as Shivanian huts, but the triangular roofs are taller, having an attic.  

    Different kinds of lizardmen are the close ancestors of existing quadruped lizards which are:
        Desert Iguana, Bearded Dragon, Tokay Gecko, Chuckwalla, Tuatara (Not a lizard) and Skink

The Ta'za Tribe
    Two tribes of the west live harmoniously for many years. They both concern about each other, their descendants, their beliefs and environment. But, there is one tribe which is against the rights and peaceful community: Ta'za Tribe, the yellow-scaled lizardmen similar to the Ka'thnosian tribe, is a destructive, fiendish tribe with no pity towards two opposing tribes. They live in the hidden dungeons around the Ta'za Territory that is a wasteland, and their central part of their territory is the Infernal Lands that depicts hot, unnatural barren land with scorched jungles and forests. Their territory is largest among the two territories as they have invaded two-thirds of Lizardland. They are four-fingered, three toes with long claws, extremely sharp scales, black flesh and devilish horns, and are one-foot larger than Shivanians. Same as the Shivanians, the males have very muscular and red eyes but exposed black penis which Shivanians and Ka'thnosians despise spitefully, but females have less muscular body and violet eyes.  They are alleged as the most dangerous race in the world.
    They were once a good race and live with Shivanians in harmony ages ago, but they were separated to the east because of the awful private parts and seductive proposes. All of them settled in corrupted barren, arid lands where foul, phantasmal demons dwell from hell. They had taken advantage of the Shivanian Tribe's warning about possession. But it was a mishap. The demons possessed all the unexpected Ta'za people until they became purely malevolent, forgetting their experiences from Shivanians. Their grand master of the Ta'za Tribe, named Master Grakkon, who was the first of being owned by evil spirits. Today, they are planning to infest two other territories to convert good lizardmen into their slaves. However, the Shivanians and Ka'thnosians are inevitable to be possessed by demonic spirits since they have divine powers and faith.
    They do not have their own customs and traditions. Being sinful race, they use black magic and demonic spells which are horrendous to Shivanians and Ka'thnosians. They have stronger weapons like bombs in any kind, enchanted weapons and psychological spells which they easily don't know how to use. They obsess of fighting bloodily through the separating borders and of slaying an opposing soldier, even the innocent ones. Worse yet, to increase the number of their army, they kidnap the children of both opposing tribes and have intercourse with them haphazardly and violently. They are doing this sexually to make them evil as them until they are grown up, and child abuse is their precious outcome. Another increase of tribal race which is not a reproductive way is the summoning of new Ta'za lizardman by dark spells.  Their corrupted minds are inevitable to induce exorcism. No one can free the souls away, therefore.
    Their houses are concrete in most towns and army headquarters. They live maliciously when they sometimes fight each other and do not follow the rights of a saurian. Their aligned dinosaurs are possessed Tyrannosaurus rexes, possessed raptors and other possessed archosaurians.
    Different kinds of lizardmen are the close ancestors of existing quadruped lizards which are:
        Marine Iguana, Komodo Dragon, Horned Lizard, Gila Monster and Flying Lizard

Other Minor Races

    Gekkosians are descendants of Tokay geckoes living deep in the jungles at east of Ka'thnosian Tribe. They have extremely flexible, muscular bodies in which they are able to contort in different directions. They are playful but bold saurians. They were attacked by Ta'za invaders and they are settled a new beginning in the west. They are now joined in the Ka'thnosian Tribe after the negotiation. They replaced their own loincloth into tribal loincloth and forgetting their experiences about before.

    Vipers are descendants of pythons, rattlesnakes and anacondas, but different in color as they are brownish-green scaled. These snakemen are somewhat good but vicious ophidians. They are also invaded by Ta'za armies. Half of them departed their homeland but another half aligned with Ta'za armies. The refugees are now joined in Shivanian Tribe and are aided by Shivanian lizardmen.

    Water Dragons are related to dragons of Dragonia, but they are wingless water guardians. They have tall, slender and very muscular body and loincloth which is similar to Shivanians' loincloth. They live around the oceans wherein plesiosaurs, ocean monsters and other marine creatures abound. The kingdom of the Seven Seas is the Ocean Kingdom in the Great Reef, with Water Palace. Most of the water dragons master the water spells which controls any liquid, except blood. This kind of spell can be used for daily purposes or for encounters. Because most of the sea serpents who were submitted to Ta'za Tribe attacked them, they joined with Shivanians and Ka'thnosians to fight against Ta'za Tribe.

    Nagas are cousins and neighbors of water dragons, but their bodies are similar to Vipers. They have membranous "multiple" long fins on shoulders, back, forearms, jaws and tail, long scaly whiskers on jaws. They live beneath the caverns above hidden atoll, "Dra'skhren Island" many miles away from Lizardland. Their weapons are magic-fluxed star-pronged trident. They are neutral. But one Naga, named Djar'dax, the son of the Naga king Ra'zadhar, is the only one who serves Shivanian Tribe.

    Sea Serpents are elongated, giant marine monsters that plagued the seas. They have only two arms but no legs. Few of them are joined with Water Dragons but most of them aligned with Ta'za Tribe. The evil sea serpents are subjected as "sea raveners"