Your Questions
My Answers
When did you start drawing?
In spite of drawing, doodling and crayoning when I was an elementary school, I started drawing when I was 13 years old, until I became addicted on it. I started using Photoshop when I was 14 3/4 years old.
Why do you love dragons, dinosaurs and all reptiles?
This is a frequently common question asked by other people around me. That repetitive question made me annoyed because, uh, I think they're curious. Some people tell me that I should draw anything else besides dragons, dinosaurs and all reptiles. I love dragons because they're most spectacular mythical beasts in the fantasy. I love dinosaurs, the most of all is raptor, because they're most spectacular reptiles in prehistory. I love reptiles like lizards, snakes and crocodiles, but turtle is a least, because they're scaly, fierce and beloving. Hard to say, that's a long story!
How did you start interested in dragons?
In around September 2006, my English teacher showed us the song, "Puff, the Magic Dragon," which is so harmonous, beautiful and sad song. After that song, I began to stirred up in loving dragons, and I always watch dragon tatoos, T-shirts, streamers, wall drawings, books, stories and Anime. This caused me to start the love of dragons. In 2007, I joined dinosaurs and lizards to be united as all-reptiles.
Are "Hotara" and "Skaro" your first characters?
No, they're not my oldest characters. My first character was Aquadragonette, the cybernetic flying fish. My first novel where he was born was "The Flying Fish Journey" which is a sequel of "Finding Nemo". However, he was dismissed because it's not going well in my stories, and drawing him was difficult. Next, on 2007, the new dragon character was "Targon," the Red Dragon King, before "Hotara" and "Skaro" were born--I mean hatched.
Who was your first favorite fan character?
My first fan character in 2003 was "Crayon Shinchan" the mischievous child from Anime, then next was "Cyborg Kurochan". However, in few years after that, I lost the interest of them. During those years, next was "Nemo" from "Finding Nemo" and his friends on the ocean, so I made drawings of him. In 2006, dragons are now my most favorite character for four years. I mixed up "Nemo" and "Dragons" in my story. But, in 2008, I sadly lost the interest of "Nemo", despite that my friends and neighbors threatened me saying that Nemo is dead or fried. Meanwhile, "Azumanga Daioh" is next, because those characters are related to Nemo and his friends on fish school, including my fish character, "Tag" as you haven't known him. Until today, I still love dragons. My latest fan character is "Orion" by SymbolHero, second is "Reptile" by ReptileCynrik, then "Razen" by RazenHashikado, including "Nidhogg", "Jarruus", "Larom", "Aarok", "Groul", "Sunny", and "Vader" created by their respective owners.
What are your tools used in drawing?
I use Photoshop CS3 more than arcrylics, paintbrushes, watercolors and markers. Mechanical pencil is only a tool for sketching, but I don't have scanner and/or Graphic Tablet.
How did you learn drawing using that awesome technique?
Before the awesome technique was learned, I started with traditional using paper and pencil, now I used the cartoon-style inspired from other artworks in other websites. My brother, Bryan, showed me the video on Youtube that "ChrisScalf" (a.k.a., "CGSBGS") draw realistic dragons, sci-fiction characters, portraits and other artworks incredibulously. So I practiced by imitating his videos for 3 years until I altered my technique not much of those said videos.

Furthermore, I still need to learn more about backgrounds, human drawings and still-life objects.
How long can you draw an artwork completely?
I draw pictures using Photoshop CS3 only 3-4 free days, but, during schooltime, I draw maybe 5-15 days. I think, therefore, I have approximately 2 to 8 hours on drawing. 
Do you write stories?
Yes, I write novels more than short stories, tales and poems. My fantasy novels are, "Targon and the Reign of Fire" and "Birth of the Shivanian Heroes" (Now I draw comics for that). My science fiction novel is "Yehatra". Oh, "Yehatra" is a planet of Yehats. Yehats are pterodactyl-like alien race that originally came from "Star Control" game.

I completed "Targon and the Reign of Fire" which, however, contains confusing English grammar, usage and composition, unrelated ideas of some sentences and ideas with lack of sense and importance. My English was not totally good, so I should study more about grammar. My in-progress novel is "Birth of the Shivanian Heroes" with slightly directed English grammar, composition and usage. But I need an editor to help me to correct my English.
Do you make art trades, gift arts and commissions or requests?
Yes, I really like it! I can draw art trades, gifts and commissions and requests to be given to other people in the world. Most of all, I draw many pictures for Patrick Reichel (ReptileCynrik) in Germany and Aldo (SymbolHero) in Mexico.

I should focus on my original art and comics first before doing that.
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