Wraginor is the water dragon and the Guardian of the Seven Seas which his father King Ti'zar his mother Queen Fir'tana alleged to defend the Seven Seas. He is one of the legendary dragons because of his superiority of creating water spells and controlling any liquid with magic, but he is not so famous to his people since he is flaunting his skills and stunts. He is befriended by Nagas on Slithereen Tides, whom are the relatives to water dragons.

Recently he was trained by his father in the Water Palace in the deep oceans by water magic with his brother Wraigonor and his sister Jahanra. But he always had a failure in controlling liquids using water telekinesis. He was always beaten by his father for repetitive attempts and flaws. Furthermore, he first discovered, in the deep, cold abyss, Serpentis Pendant, the one of the Seven Elemental Pendants, which rapidly upgraded his skills of using water magic. Then he became the legendary dragon of Dragonoid. With his power to eliminate perilous sea monsters and Ta'za Sea Serpents attacking some ships and boats, he was found by King Corus, and he and his compliant people aligned with Shivanian Tribe, after King Ti'zar was requested and accepted for the great rebellion on Lizardland.
First Name
Last Name
10902 cm (10.9 m)
Body Length
17348 cm (17.3 m)
9100 kg
Current Age
312 years old
Water Palace under the Seven Seas
Rank Status
Guardian of the Seven Seas
Weapon Specialty
Magic Specialty
Swimming, eating, playing with Shivanian children, showing off his water spells, adventuring