Skaro is the famous modern hero of the Shivianian Tribe, as the Shivanian lizardmen knows about his responsibilities in the war, combat achievements, intelligence, martial art extremity, heraldry and leadership. He is officially kind, prudent, courage and trusting, but horrendous because of his atrociousness. He is a close descendant to iguana which, as of the tribe, symbolizes fearsome quality and intrepidity. He lives deep in the middle of the Great Swamp which is commonly a natural selection to most lizardmen. He is the older brother of Hotara, his faithful apprentice, following by Agamid.

His abilities are relevantly compatible in the great battles. He himself have practiced for many years in swordsmanship, martial arts and extreme offensive  movements of a true warrior. However, he was transmitted mistakenly with mystic powers by a Ta'za scout, the ignorant heretic. A part of the mystic power, which no one had been propagated, is psychic cognition. With the existence of psychic sensation, he is able to read locomotive minds of other people and perceive closest relatives in faraway places. If an enemy tries to use his regular swording, he could possibly be stabbed easily. Skaro uses his Pendant of Flame, the "ancestor" of Pendant of Izzet (This legendary artifact is difficult to reveal), to conjure magical flames

He is considered as most significant warrior to all saurian people, including King Corus. Tribal war on Lizardland has becoming intense, whenever the Ta'za tribe attempt to dominate the whole world with demonic powers. He has strategic plans in tactics to convey about Without him, even if Hotara is alive, the Shivanian Tribe and neighboring Ka'thnosian Tribe will be enforced into either extinction or slavery. He trains every other child in his Shivanian Army School, where the original owner had suffered malign stroke.

First Name
Last Name
225 cm (2.3 m)
Body Length
313 cm (3.1 m)
167 kg
Current Age
96 years old
The Great Swamp
Rank Status
General of the army, Beastmaster
Weapon Specialty
Pair of scimitars
Magic Specialty
Psychic, fire
Training, cuddling, feeding, cooking, teaching, taking a morning stroll, protecting his tribe