Agamid is the Shivanian druid who is originally the thief. He was angrily scolded by Skaro because of outlawed theft and bribery with Shivanians on every town. At the age of 20, he was bewildered by magical incantations of anthro-chameleons who are "supreme druids" on the Upper City of Xan'orthras. And then, he pushed himself to change his manners and attitude into what he should be developed. After he was trained by Skaro in Shivanian Army School, he became the faithful student of chameleon druids in Sacred Jungle and spent most of his adequate time learning spells of nature and macrocosm. After he fulfilled his learnings from the druids, he managed himself to keep his significant skills which Skaro had instructed him.
As he discovered the Pendant of Wind in ancient ruins of Dragonia in the deep jungle, he accidentally forced to receive spells from enamored pendant, with the use of natural magic inside him. Until then he transformed himself into legendary wind dragon, the greenish winged creature, who mysteriously mastered all wind spells, including poison and nature. He was trapped in being a dragon permanently until the legends told about only the greatest legendary dragon can return his normal self.   
First Name
Last Name
202 cm (2.0 m)
Body Length
300 cm (3.0 m)
164 kg
Current Age
22 years old
Sytra Myatra
Rank Status
Master thief, Druid Apprentice
Weapon Specialty
Magic Specialty
Nature, Wind
Visiting Hotara's place, studying with chameleons, loafing on rooftops, showering, eating, playing with children and doing natural magic.